Anhui Hualiang Cereals and Oils

Anhui Hualiang Cereals and Oils Transportation and Storage Company was established in December 2005. Registered capital of $ 5,000,000. Scope of business: food acquisition, stored grain fumigation Pharmacy; grain and oil, grain and oil products sales, grain storage equipment manufacturing, installation and technical services, grain storage and transportation machinery and equipment and accessories, inspection and analysis equipment, electronic products, stationery, department store sales, feed processing, marketing, storage and lease, loading and unloading services, logistics and transport.
Since its establishment, through the efforts of all employees, the benefits increase year by year. Leased warehouse in Fengyang and other places to operate independently from the acquisition of prop various opportunities in the market actively participate in market competition, increasing the value of state-owned assets. On the operation and management of the fumigation agents, strictly in accordance with the management of hazardous chemicals provisions of these Regulations, so far there has not been safety accident, has contributed to the province's food system safe grain storage, the Grain Bureau and the China Grain Reserves Corporation fully affirmed, has won the praise of customers. 


Anhui Hualiang Cereals and Oils Transportation and Storage Company
Add.:275 Wuhu Road Hefei City Anhui
Zip Code: 230006
General Manager:Zhou Hongbing
Mobile: 86 13856951696
Tel: 86 551 62885460 62883302 62887247
Fax: 86 551 62885460 

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